The Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA), in 2008, awarded the inaugural National Immunisation Achievement Award to honour and recognise outstanding service in the field of immunisation/vaccine preventable diseases. This Award is designed to be the Association’s pre-eminent prize in the field of immunisation/vaccine preventable diseases and will be bestowed once every two years in conjunction with the PHAA National Immunisation Conference. 

Eligibility for Nomination

A person must be nominated by a second party. The PHAA bestows this competitive award on a person who through research or practice has advanced the prevention of vaccine preventable diseases at the population level. Any health practitioner can be nominated for the National Immunisation Achievement Award, provided they have made a significant contribution to the field of immunisation/vaccine preventable diseases and are not a current member of the 2020 Immunisation Conference Advisory Committee. 

Priority for this year’s Award will be given to nominations that involve excellence in practice/service delivery. It is anticipated that priority for the next Award will focus on research


Anyone who wishes to nominate another person for this Award must supply comprehensive information to support the nomination against the selection criteria. Nominations should address the criteria below and will include a single page executive summary and an outline of no more than 2,000 words of the nominee’s activities and their significance with a maximum of two referees who are in position to comment on the criteria.

Key Dates


  • Nominations now open

  • Nominations close at 5pm AEDT on Friday 16 April 2021

  • The successful applicant will be notified by Monday 21 June 2021

  • The award will be presented at the virtual 17th National Immunisation Conference on 29 June - 1 July 2021


Selection Criteria

To be eligible, a nominee must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or resident; 

  • Have an outstanding track record in immunisation/vaccine preventable diseases; 

  • Have undertaken a substantial part of his/her work in Australia. 


Nominees must have actively engaged in at least one of the following activities:

  • Practice/service delivery in immunisation/vaccine preventable diseases and application of results to improving the health of a significant population group; 

  • Advocacy for the adoption of policies and/or programs pertaining to immunisation affecting the health of a significant population group;

  • Implementation of a program that has had significant impact on immunisation coverage or awareness, or providing an implementation model for others to follow; 

  • Health promotion elating to immunisation/vaccine preventable diseases.

  • Each nomination will be assessed by a panel of at least three and up to five persons convened by the PHAA Immunisation Conference Advisory Committee including the PHAA President and CEO and the Immunisation Conference Committee Chair. 


Members of the Conference Advisory Committee are: 


  • Mr Terry Slevin

  • Professor Kristine Macartney

  • Professor Paul Effler

  • Professor Helen Marshall

  • Associate Professor Nicholas Wood

  • Professor Terry Nolan AO    

  • Ms Michelle Wills

  • Ms Angela Newbound

  • Dr Holly Seale

  • Associate Professor Julia Brotherton

  • Ms Jo Rogers

  • Mr Darius Everett
    Ms Katrina Clark


Nomination Process 


To nominate a person for the National Immunisation Achievement Award, please follow these steps:


  • Complete a nomination form and provide justification for the nomination, specifically addressing each of the selection criteria noted above;

  • Make sure both the nominator and the nominee have signed the form; 

  • By 5pm AEDT, Friday 16 April 2021 ensure the nomination form and supporting documentation have been received by:


Nominations closed 5pm AEDT, Friday 16 April 2021